Living at Lakeside Village

Ways to Get Involved

Lakeside Village is special for its amenities and community involvement. A lot of work goes into making this community one of a kind and the homeowners take great pride in making "LVHA" stand out from its neighbors. We believe that there’s a place for everyone to get involved in our community, whether you’re interested in leading as a board member, helping out on a committee or just getting to know your neighbors. Taking the time to get invested in where you live allows you to put down roots, serve the community and build lasting friendships with people nearby. If you’re not sure where to start, visit our Groups and Clubs page to find activities you can participate in with neighbors who share your interests.

Additionally, the Board of Directors meets every month, on the fourth Tuesday, to conduct HOA business. The meetings are held at the Community Center, 3939 Village Drive, and commence at 5:30 PM. Owners are welcome to attend.

Benefits of Living in a Community

There are several reasons the number of community associations has exploded from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands over the decades. The benefits our homeowners enjoy most are:

  • Maintained Property Values. According to the Community Associations Institute, homes in managed communities are often worth 5 percent more than those in traditional communities.
  • Amenities and Services. Our homeowners receive value in return for their choice to invest in a homeowners association. At Lakeside Village, that comes in the form of a 9-hole golf course, sparkling pool, playground, basketball, tennis courts, and a clubhouse.