Groups and Clubs

Learn about committees and activities in our community! If you are interested in starting a club or group, or joining an existing committee, please contact the management office.

Architectural Control Committee

Tasked with considering all applications for exterior modifications and improvements, this committee is a vital tool in maintaining our property values.

Bridge Club

Game Night

Lakeside Village Game nights are held at the Community Center, 3939 Village Dr. every other Friday evening.  

Community Watch

Lakeside Village Golf Association (LVGA)

Garden Club

Members of our Garden Club work with our maintenance superintendent and Board to make landscaping choices and monitor conditions around the community.

Nominating Committee

Prior to our Board elections each year, the Nominating Committee solicits volunteers interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors.

Tennis And Pickleball Club 

Our Tennis and Pickleball club members are made up of players who monitor the courts and work with management and the Board to make repairs and updates when needed.

Red Hat Group